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toy brick hipocrisy?

I recently thought about how hypocritical it must come across that I am saving plastic waste in other areas of my life like prioritising packagefree, paper or glass containers and only drinking tap water, but also intending to own 18 kilograms of plastic toy bricks that look like a giant castle.

I thought a lot about it because this has an impact.

A difference obviously is that while yoghurt and shampoo containers are landing in the trash pretty quickly and accumulate over years and decades, the toy bricks are intended to be in a home for quite a while, if not close to centuries, probably. I read somewhere it takes them 1300 years to break down. Their durability might be an environmental nightmare once they do enter the soil or ocean, but before that, it makes them more reusable. I think we are all familiar with Lego hand-me-downs, finding sets at yard sales and flea markets, the resale value for many, and the fact that you are never forced to just build that one thing - you can just disassemble and build something else. All of that makes it very easy to keep for a long time, sell, pass it down, or repurpose it, basically a circular economy, I believe. I can't control what happens to them after my death, or any natural disasters that might get it out there, but I am confident that it is very easy to make sure they don't cause direct environmental harm in my lifetime by being somewhere outside or being recycled by the companies (who I think burns them down and this poses other issues).

Other than that, the production might be an issue. I can't say I have found anything about the production process of GoBricks (since they supply the bricks for Burg Blaustein, not Lego or Bluebrixx themselves), so I can't say how much air and water pollution happens there or how the workers are treated. I know Lego tries, but there is no info out there for other producers or sellers.

The good thing is that will probably be my final purchase in the toy brick world. Space is finite after all, and my interest in it is very model-specific.

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