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things i wanna ask people sometimes

Hey, do you feel out of control recently?

Do you feel like life is passing you by and you are stuck?

Do you feel like society is moving so fast and you can't keep up?

Are you scared about the future?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed and confused about all the changes you are expected to take care of and track internally?

Do you feel like things were easier when you were younger, and therefore more correct, and you would like to return to that?

Are you surrounded by very critical and perfectionist people right now?

Are you lashing out preemptively to prevent people lashing out at you?

Are you scared of losing people to a perceived threat?

Do you feel like other people are frequently permitted to do more things than you, and forgiven much more easier than you? Does it seem like if you were to do the same, there would be much more outcry and drama about it than when others do it?

Do you have a history of bending over backwards for others and being a doormat, and now this new thing people or society asks of you is the last straw for you?

Because you know, I see you trying to control people outside of your own self again who you may or may not know, even people online you will never see in real life, and getting upset. That usually only happens when something like the above is going on.

They're doing things all wrong, and they're asking for things that don't make sense to you, and they're engaging in stuff you wouldn't do. And some may even be mean or weird. They don't even get the appropriate response you think you would get if you were this outrageous! They seem to get more support than you, a normal and good person, do. And instead of being unmoved and secure in yourself, it really rattles you and eats you up inside. You sit there ruminating about it, venting about it, and getting sucked up in negativity. You're even arguing with them and trying to get them to change or leveling the field by enacting what you think someone like that deserves. You think: Why do they get away with that, when I could never, and no one should?

That can't be good! The good thing is: everything is just a blip in the history of the universe, it won't even matter in a few months. And if you don't check up on them, you will forget they exist. After all, they have existed before you knew of them too, and it can be that way again. If you can't see it and it cannot upset you, does it matter that it happened?

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